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                  LUDDITE KINGDOM PRESS

                  is open for business.... announcing

                  One book, four sections? Four books, one cover? Even we can't decide!

                  THE GOOD WORD

                  “Klipschutz, Cone, Grinnel, and Sgambati cut to the bone of impure delight with enough visionary hullabaloo, imagination and humor, black and otherwise, to beat the band. Leavened by kinetic word play, underpinned by alternating currents of heart and trickster cleverness, this collection of matador virtuosity delivers all that and more. Ole!”

                  Roger Weingarten, co-editor, Poets of the New Century, author of Ghost Wrestling: Poems

                  “A substantial amount of good work and frequent touches of brilliance.?/font>

                  —Lee Thorn, Tucson Weekly Observer, 4/25/07

                  “Probably one of the most gorgeous small-press pubs I’ve ever held. I cannot emphasize that enough.?/font>

                  —Richard Lopez, Sacramento, CA

                  ? . . a handmade volume, four exciting poets. . .?/font>

                  —Kaye Cofini, Erie, PA

                  “A beautiful book. A piece of art with art inside.?/font>

                  —Andy Fox (of The Foreign Press), Washington, D.C.

                  “How rarely the collector in me receives something to show off!?/font>

                  —Jeff Jensen, Portland, OR